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Appropriate medications have already been built for most of the male ailments associated with intimacy. The only problem was the discovery of a good agent to fight the small member complex, which was recorded in more than half of the male population. For many years, the only available and effective option was surgery. Fortunately, everything changed with the introduction of XtraSize. These penis enlargement pills have a non-invasive effect and are therefore painless and can be given to adult men of all ages. The standard packaging is for a two-month treatment cycle based on one tablet a day. All you need is enough, because each capsule contains as many as four active substances and a pair of auxiliary substances, including valuable and valuable vitamins and minerals. The composition of XtraSize will allow you to achieve satisfactory results of increasing the member both in relation to its length as well as primarily thickness. After two months of taking XtraSize pills, you can get effects oscillating up to 2-3 centimeters more in the circumference of a member, which cannot be guaranteed by any other dietary supplement for penis enlargement.

Like many penis enlargement pills, these too have undergone a number of specialized, but above all very restrictive tests. Before being approved for use, the XtraSize enlargement dietary supplement had to prove its positive effect and effective effect on penis size. The rich and fine-tuned composition of active substances purchased, among others, from Maca root and Tribulus Terrestris is responsible for this interaction. These are probably the two most popular plants with a confirmed effect on male intimacy, whose effectiveness has been visible for centuries. Extracts from these ingredients included in XtraSize bring a healthy increase in blood pressure in the body and redirect it to the genital area. Such behavior results on the one hand in the enlargement of cavernous bodies and thus in the size of the member, while on the other it works extremely well for male potency and the desire for sex. If you add to this Saw Palmetto, included in XtraSize, which is a testosterone secreting substance, you will get a mixture that can do real miracles and increase your penis in just a few weeks. And all this at a relatively low cost and above all during absolutely safe treatment available to everyone. Tablets for penis enlargement XtraSize can be taken without consulting a doctor and are available without a prescription, however, chronically ill people should consult their own doctor whether they are allowed to take this supplement.

Expert opinion

I have over 20 years of experience as a urologist, and I have not yet met a patient who would not desire to increase his masculinity. Even if they said they were satisfied with the length, one could feel that they would gladly add a centimeter, two or five. In some cases this would really make a big difference, but the exit was usually only a dangerous and quite painful operation followed by a long recovery. Until XtraSize penis pills appeared on the market. In the circle of urologists and sexologists immediately aroused interest, so a group of specialists examined them accordingly. And indeed the results guaranteed by the manufacturer coincided with the conclusions of independent studies. So what makes the XtraSize penis supplement dietary supplement working? And why I decided to recommend these pills, but not other capsules, which are not lacking on the market?
You can start first of all from the most important, i.e. the XtraSize composition. On the packaging we will find a mention that it has Maca root, Tribulus Terrestris, l-arginine and Saw Palmetto, or names that the average man does not say anything. For me, as a urologist, they speak for it extremely much, including a guarantee that such a mixture of ingredients will simply work. Maca and Saw Palmetto were used in natural medicine to heal male erectile problems. They caused acceleration of blood flow in the penis and improved erection. With the addition of l-arginine, they have a similar interaction, but repeatedly strengthened, which means that the inflow of blood to the cavernous bodies is so high that it brings their natural increase. And hence – as the anatomy and biology itself say – a simple way to increase the size of a member. Tablets to enlarge a member of XtraSize allow you to increase its size both in length and thickness, which is directly relevant to sexual satisfaction.
As studies show, thicker penises can give a woman more satisfaction during sex, but that’s exactly how XtraSize works. A two-month treatment – enough for 60 tablets in one package – allows you to increase the size of the member without undesirable side effects. This offer is especially for men who have struggled with complexes for their own penises. Good recommendations recognize the effectiveness of the supplement. XtraSize penis enlargement pills can be taken from 18 years of age. From a urological point of view, there are no contraindications to their use, however, in the case of chronic ailments, e.g. diabetes or atherosclerosis, I recommend consulting a doctor.

Customers opinion

Cuba 32 years old

I broke the relationship because of complexes on a member point. I was afraid of being laughed at by a girl. XtraSize proved to me that I had nothing to be afraid of.

Victor 29 years old

Pills to increase a member? It couldn’t work! I knew the anatomy. It turned out that I was wrong and now my penis is bigger.

Patryk 40 years old

I feel a significant difference in plus. Anyway, my woman is extraordinarily satisfied.

Daniel 19 years old

XtraSize saved my male pride! It took a month for my member to reach the European average.

Bogdan 45 years old

I waited a little for the effects, but I do not complain. They are permanent and I really feel that my member is bigger.

Mariola 48 years old

I talked my man into XtraSize and he is currently grateful to me. And our sex despite age – perfect.


– Tribulus Terrestris
– Maca root
– L-arginine
– Saw Palmetto

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